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Sickler Industries, formerly known as both Keweenaw Specialty Woods and Mohawk Sand &  Gravel, is located in the town of Mohawk – in the heart of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Family owned and operated by Brian “Bunga” Sickler since 1984, the business is comprised of Michigan’s northernmost sawmill operation and a seasonal aggregates division.

The Copper Country is renown for an abundance of deciduous and coniferous timber stands and is the primary source of our hard and softwood products (oak, maple, cedar, etc.). In addition, we do offer our customers access to non-native wood species when requested. Sickler Industries specializes in T&G flooring, end-matched paneling and the manufacture of custom moundings and millwork. We also make custom live edge furniture and sell live edge slabs through our sales office and on our website. Sickler customers appreciate our three decades of expertise, friendly customer service and high quality wood products.

Sickler Industries is proud to operate a zero waste mill.

Every part of sawn logs and machined wood at our mill gets used. No part is wasted. Bi-products such as wood ends and trim pieces are ground into chips. These grindings, along with sawdust, shavings and bark comprise about 4% of all wood processed and is used as a fuel source to heat our dehumidification kiln year-round.

Approximately 2% of logs are cut and chipped into cedar mulch. Cedar mulch is available for sale to landscapers and homeowners at our local material pit. The balance of wood used at the sawmill is either rough cut (live edge slabs and unfinished lumber) or milled wood (mouldings, flooring, etc.) that is contract manufactured for our customers and offered for sale through our front office. We also employ best practices in our millwork shop to reduce material waste by properly maintaining and calibrating our equipment.

Sickler Industries is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), the National Frame Building Association (NFBA), the Home Builders Association of the Upper Peninsula (HBA) the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance (KEDA).

Sickler Industries proudly ships millwork made in the Keweenaw all across Upper Michigan and throughout the United States. We encourage you to contact our sales office for more information about our products and services.